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Working Together Pays Off

We’re on a mission to build meaningful relationships between employers and employees by shifting how signing and retention bonuses are paid. We think work environments where employers support financial stability can empower employees to do their best work.


Mental, physical, and financial health are linked, meaning employee financial wellbeing has a clear impact on metrics that companies care about. 

Leadership Team


Patrick Dunn

Founder & CEO

Blair photo.jfif

Blair Taylor

Cofounder and CTO

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Our advisors provide Benefi with ongoing experience and professional guidance. The value of their objective, educated and carefully guided assistance has been immeasurable in getting us started and will continue to be taking us into the future. Our advisory board currently includes:


Paul Sy - VP Solutions, Transunion

Gary Schwartz - Co-founder and President, Canadian Lenders Association

Tony Vardy, Executive VP Operations, Simply Group

Get Started Today!

Nothing is more important to the success of your company than the people who actually run it, your employees. Healthier and happier employees can lead to reduced absenteeism and higher retention rates. The Benefi Bonus Vesting program gives your employees and their families access to a better kind of bonus so they can get back to a healthier, more productive state while at work.

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