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Invest in your employees, wisely

 Employee churn is expensive. Between recruitment, onboarding, lost productivity, training, and customer service, employee churn is benchmarked at 18% of total salary costs for many firms.

A better way to attract and retain talent has arrived.  Benefi is a platform that is reinventing total rewards for the modern age.   We drive employee loyalty, reduce churn, and promote financial stability in your staff.


Who we help:

Our platform has multiple use cases across a range of industries.  Click the images to learn more. 

As seen in:

Make your new hire feel like a star player.

It's easy to get started with Benefi.  Here's how it works:

Meet Kavita.  She's a compensation manager at an engineering firm.   She wants to find and keep top talent, so she creates a free Benefi account to aid her efforts. 

Portrait of Smiling Woman

She's keen to hire a new engineer, so she is able to quickly and easily put together a Bonus Vesting offer on the Benefi platform. She wants to keep this potential hire around, so she'll set a 24 month vesting period.  Benefi takes care of the signing and management of the bonus.

Portrait with Mobile Phone
Studio Portrait

Here's Cynthia.  She's a great engineer who is fielding multiple employment offers.  She receives the offer from Kavita and is impressed.  It's enough to tip the odds and she signs the employment and bonus offer with Kavita's firm. 

Studio Portrait

Because she is able to access her funds up front, she's able to fully top-up the RESPs for her kids.  Kavita's Bonus Vesting program has helped her secure a bright future for her whole family.  

Legal Handshake

Kavita and Cynthia ride off into the sunset. Kavita has hired a great employee, and Cynthia is able to achieve an important life goal.  

Bonus Vesting Details

0% APR

As long as the employee remains at the company,  no interest is charged. 

6-36 Month Forgiveness period

As an employer, you are able to set the forgiveness period and tranches.  You've got control over the tenure and timing of the bonus structure.

Flexible Amounts

You have full control over Bonus Vesting amounts that you'd like to offer to current/potential hires. Generally, this amount scales with income, role, seniority, and desired tenure. 

Use Cases

The Benefi platform is flexible and allows employers the ability to use it in ways that solve real issues. Core applications include: 

  • Attracting and retaining talent

  • Competitive poaching

  • Rewarding and recognizing employees

  • Retaining the core team through M+A activity

  • Employee training and development 

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