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Employee Financial Wellness Is In Critical Condition

Finances are the top cause of employee stress, even above job, health and relationship stress COMBINED.

Curent Statistics

  • 86% of employees say finances are a top source of stress for them now and in the future.

  • 200% more employees have used a payday loan or payday advance in the past year

  • 250% more employees have taken a loan or distribution from retirement accounts

  • 55% more employees are carrying credit card balances

  • 72% of employees say that the safety and protection of themselves and their family is more important now than ever before

  • 60% of employees are interested in their employer providing a wider mix of non-medical benefits

  • 51% of employees say that employers should play a greater role in the protection of employees

  • 39% of employees say their employer is not currently offering effective benefits to improve their well-being

  • 63% of employees say that their financial stress has dramatically increased since the start of the pandemic



Stressed and unhappy employees are:​

  • 55% less productive at work

  • 75% less focused at work

  • 72% more likely to quit and go to a  company that cares more about financial wellbeing

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