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Maybe You're Asking.. What Can You Do For Me?

Our focus is straightforward;  Benefi helps you achieve meaningful life milestones through a flexible ;onus structure.  

A flexible way to get rewarded

Benefi is here to help you get a great signing or retention bonus.   Our products are highly flexible;  no matter your financial goals, Benefi is here to help deliver your bonus in a format that puts cash in your hand when you need it. 


"It was a sign of confidence in my own skills and how much the organization wanted me".

"(The bonus provided) added significant monteray value, and  also covered the bonuses and RSUs I was giving up when I left the current company I was at"

"(The signing bonus) allowed me to increase my first year annual income and I used it as a decision making point when deciding to accept the employment".

Want Benefi at your company? 

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150 King Street West, Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario M5H 1J9, Canada

+1 437-783-5121

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