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Benefi empowers solutions-oriented advisors and recruiters 

Stand above your competition by adding more value to your ability to help employers find and retain great talent. 

Why Benefi?

Compensation was the #1 driver of employee churn over the past year.  For any benefits advisor, consultant, or recruiter, you need a solution on your product shelf to help companies address this critical issue. 

Any industry with a tight labor market would benefit from a conversation on how a better bonus platform can stablize employment, reduce churn, and help your client focus on more mission-critical aspects of their business. 

Our Solution Focus

Signing Bonuses

Benefi helps increase the quality and quantity of an applicant pool. 

The structure of our bonuses also help keep quality employees around longer. 

Retention Bonuses

Benefi helps enterprises keep valued employees around for longer. 

By offering a retention bonus with a 'stay' clause, an employer can reward and recognize valuable employees in a responsible manner. 

Other Use Cases

The Benefi product team is busy with a range of useful 'non-payroll' disbursement cases that add value to the employer and employee. 

Co-working space

If your business is interested in having something new and differentiating to talk about with your clients you've come to the right place.


At Benefi we are 100% focused on helping the enterprise attract and retain talent through better signing and retention bonuses. This allows you expand your services into an area previously neglected by benefits providers.  It shows your customers you care about the drivers of churn and have all the offerings to address it.

Working Together

As a Benefi Partner you can offer your clients a financial wellbeing solution that will complement their existing programs. Get started today to find out how Benefi can expand the relevance with your customers.

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