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How to Reinvent Your Compensation Model for a More Modern Age

We've been working at the intersection of employee wellbeing and retention for a while now. It's become clear that the substantial shifts in the relationships between employers and employees have changed the game for many companies.

On one hand, the rise of remote work has exacerbated the impact of 'the Great Resignation' or 'The Great Reshuffle' have weakened the relationship employees have with the employer. Many firms are asking themselves: what importance does a nice office, free coffee, or reserved parking spaces have for a fully remote workforce? For many, loyalty is not to a company logo or a physical place -but to the people we work with; this means the folks in the cubicles next to us, who we eat lunch with, and our direct supervisor. The structured, and often public nature of modern communications means these relationships are not once what they were. One of our customers recently quipped: "No-one is loyal to the culture of a Teams call".

Benefi bring back one more reason for your employees to stick around. Introducing our "Bonus Vesting" product. We help companies provide a meaningful compensation model that helps employees navigate economic uncertainty and/or achieve a life goal they might have (including an escape from debt, a vacation, or even putting a down payment on a house). This model also helps both employer and employee manage expectations if the employee leaves the organization.

A seismic shift in employment requires companies to rethink the best way to recruit the best talent and keep them around.


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