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Invest in great employees, wisely.

Your employees want opportunities to grow...

...we'll help you put a bright future in front of them. 

Collaborating at Work

It's time to reinvent employee education.

The 'Great Departure' and 'The Great Reshuffle' have changed the game in employer/employee relationships. It's created skill shortages and created costly turnover.  

Benefi solves this problem with a unique approach to employee education.  Benefi gives you the opportunity to both skill-up your workforce, and create meaningful career pathways across your organization.  

The Benefi Financial Wellness Platform is the 1st FREE employer program that empowers your entire workforce to become financially stable and aware.
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What we do:

Education as Benefit

Benefi offeres employers a powerful new tool to attract and retain great talent;  'education as a benefit'.   More powerful than traditional tuition reimbursement programs, the employee can have their education funded up-front through our catalog of accredited colleges and universities.   

Your employee gets the ability to learn and evolve, the company gets a great employee who will stick around.  Everybody wins. 

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Supporting Partners


The evolution of compensation has arrived

“With the shortage of labor and the increased demand created by our changing demographic landscape, companies will need to become increasingly strategic”

Jeff Wiberg, Chief Executive Officer of Family Resource Home Care.

The Impact Is Real

Employee churn has an impact on metrics that your company cares about; productivity, customer experience, and overall salary costs If left unchecked, the impact on your business and your employee base is quite significant.


...increase in salary required for employed job seekers to switch companies


...of total salary costs can be attributed to employee churn


....of annual salary costs to replace technical positions

Employee churn has an impact on the bottom line:


Get our tools to help determine the cost of employee turnover

Most companies don't have a clear picture of the hidden costs of employee churn.

Our handy (and free!) calculator helps demystify these expenses - and give hints about what you can do about it. 

The Future of Work is Now: 

Ready to bring employment stability back to your workforce? 



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