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Education as a Benefit

Education is the key to creating career pathways

In most industries, the relationship between employees and employers has changed; higher turnover and upward pressures on salaries are the result. 


Employees crave meaningful work, and more than ever, are looking for ways to learn and grow. Give your employees the opportunity to develop in-demand skills and create career pathways within your organization. 

A new way to energize your workforce has arrived.

In class

Education Evolved.

A better way to attract talent and deliver employee education has arrived.

Benefi allows companies  to acquire and retain the best talent on the market, all while reducing churn costs.


The best way to develop loyalty and empower employees is to offer meaningful career and skills development.

“If you want people in your organization to take responsibility for their own development, equip them to identify the skills they need for now and the future, understand development options and pathways, and create a development plan.”



 Michelle Ockers, Learning Strategy Expert & Host of Learning Uncut Podcast

"Organizational education, the strategic act of training employees, customers, and partners in order to reach specific business goals, is key to weathering any economic storm.”


Robyn Hazelton, VP of Growth at Intellum 

By the numbers:

Increase in likelihood an employee remains in a role if they recieve employer-sponsored education

By the Numbers:


of employees are looking for ways to expand their careers


of employees would switch jobs for an employer with more chances to grow

Want to calculate the cost of employee turnover? 

The costs related to employee churn are not always clear;   we've got a handy (and free!) calculator to help you determine the impact on the bottom line. 

Ready to hear how Benefi can create career pathways in your organization?


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