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Nursing, PSW, LTC and Retirement Home

Staffing challenges across nursing, home care, and LTC linked to a shortage of qualified staff

The ongoing pandemic has placed an unprecedented burden on our front-line heroes, yielding concerning outcomes. The rampant burnout experienced by these dedicated professionals has led to a significant exodus from the industry, intensifying the battle for top talent and driving salaries upwards.

Discover how we can help you overcome these staffing challenges and ensure the highest level of care for your patients.

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Compensation Evolved

A better way to attract talent has arrived

Benefi allows companies  to acquire and retain the best talent on the market, all while reducing churn costs.


We do so by issuing and managing a new kind of signing and retention bonus, putting more money in the hands of employees, and de-risking the investment for employers.

You might already be issuing signing bonuses.

Here's why you need Benefi: 

By the numbers:

Track and manage signing bonuses better than ever before

It's a pain to administer your bonuses on an excel sheet.  It's time consuming for your admin staff, and if they're being honest, it's easy to forget if someone has left the organization. 


This means hundreds of thousands of dollars of unearned bonuses walks out the door every year. 

Focus on the strategic aspects of your business - not administration 

If your team is honest, they'd rather not spend valuable time managing, tracking, and trying to collect on outstanding debts owed by ex-employees.  There's a lot of other time-sensitive tasks they'd rather focus on

Great fiscal responsibility and management

Even in situations where your team remembers to ask for a signing bonus back if an employee leaves early, you have no recourse if the ex-employee decides not to repay the obligation. 

It's generally not worth it to pursue these debts in small claims court individually - but collectively, these losses can be substantial. 

Ensure compliance with labor laws

If you want to be able to deduct signing bonuses from other wages owing to the departing employee, you will need to document the bonus as forgivable “loan” to comply with Employment Standards restrictions on deductions from wages.


Chances are you aren't doing this, due to the complexities of managing this process. 

"We're being deluged with calls and we do not have the staff to respond.


There are no longer enough nurses and personal support workers in the system to provide people with the help they need at home"


Sue VanderBent, CEO of Home Care Ontario.

“The reality is the workforce shortage is now creating serious access issues as facilities do not have the staff to care for the number of residents that they did before,”

Phil Fogg, board chair at the AHCA and CEO of the Marquis Companies,

Of US PSW requests are being fulfilled (compared to 95% pre-pandemic)

of nursing homes say lack of qualified or interested applicants is an obstacle to hiring

By the Numbers:

4 in 5

Nursing homes are facing a staffing shortage

Of (US) nursing homes experiencing a staff shortage

Hungry for more  labor data for this market?  


of nursing homes are struggling to hire additional staff

Percentage of nursing homes relying on temporary staff each month

Want to calculate the cost of employee turnover? 

The costs related to employee churn are not always clear;   we've got a handy (and free!) calculator to help you determine the impact on the bottom line. 

Ready to hear how Benefi can help solve staffing issues?


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