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2022 Will Be The Year of Employee Wellness

The last 2 years have taken their toll on everyone. The pandemic has had a direct impact on both consumers and businesses alike.

From a business perspective, it's not hard to comprehend that after a full 2 years of seeing employees fall sick and some sadly passing on, with most of their employee base isolating at home with a severe lack of community socialization, all the while dealing with an abounding amount of anxiety, most business leaders will surely be very eager to address wellness issues for their entire employee base.

Understandingly empathetic business leaders will be much more inquisitive about what their workers really need coming into 2022 and what wellness companies exist out there to address these needs This new attitude towards holistic employee wellness will likely include extra emphasis on employee benefits such as one-on-one employee counselings sessions, the utilization of new mental health apps and platforms, extra days off or shorter work weeks and most important of all, a new found focus specifically on employee financial wellness.

Catalyzed by the current K-shaped recovery, employers are realizing that financial wellness has been a key area of employee care that's been severely neglected. Not to mention it’s also rearing it's head up as the #1 factor that dictates their overall employee wellness levels.

These new realizations and wellness approaches may be one of the positives that come out of the pandemic. Both companies and workers alike are now opening up to new ideas. No longer does there exist the laurels resting of offering traditional employee benefits just because they have always been done that way. The time for real employee financial wellness has arrived.

Employers today can wee the writing on the wall. Employees won’t stick around for too long at their current jobs if they don't feel fully supported by their employers, especially if financial wellness tools and education are not part of that new approach to employee support.

The bottom line. Humane Resources and People and Culture focused business leaders will need to highly prioritize employee financial wellness initiatives if they want to maintain a happy and productive work place into 2022 and beyond.


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