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What's Wrong With Traditional Employee Benefits Programs

If you're an CEO, COO, HR Manager or a corporate leader that focuses on your businesses people and culture, here's a question to ponder;

What do you think has more impact on your employees state of mind while at work and therefore their resulting overall performance and productivity?

  1. Knowing they have great dental benefits or

  2. Figuring out how to address the 25% interest carried on their credit card debt.

The answer should be obvious and it shows that a critical component for employee betterment is missing from traditional employee benefits programs.

Employee financial wellness is not being addressed.

Looking at your employee base, you may not think this statement applies to your business. You pay your employees well. You don't get any direct feedback from your employees that they need financial help. However, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Statistics clearly show that many of your current employees do in fact have some bad debt or critical financial concerns and it is effecting their home and work life.

There is a fix. Financial support for employees can go well beyond providing a pay stub.

The Benefi Financial Wellness Platform is the 1st FREE employer program that empowers an entire workforce to become financially stable and aware. It's comprised of 3 primary components of support:

  1. A Better Way to Borrow - Affordable loan rates are now available to employees directly through Benefi. If they need to pay off credit cards or payday loans or simply need extra finances for an emergency they now have a better borrowing option. The loan repayments are deducted straight from a paycheque so there's never a worry about missing a payment.

  2. A Better Way To Learn - Financial wellness starts with knowledge. Benefi’s education offerings will help employees become more aware of their overall financial wellness and ensure they’re able to better plan for a stable and successful financial future.

  3. A Better Way To Save - With Benefi employees will be able to automatically direct a percentage of their pay cheque to a savings or investment product specifically designed to meet their important financial goals and aspirations.

What's wrong with traditional employee benefits programs is finally being addressed.

With Benefi a business can transform a lack of financial care into a wealth of employee support and have a benefits program that really..benefits employees.


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